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My Journey of Healing

It is a big step forward when you take the first steps to reach out to overcome your challenges and begin to get back on your journey to healing and growth with the support of a caring and committed psychologist. Even if you had previously sought support, opening up your heart can be a bit daunting.

It is important to know about this journey and how I work with you as a psychologist.  You are unique in who you are and the experiences you have had and their impact on your life. I believe in creating a path that is most powerful in attaining your current life goals and is best suited for your personality, your life situation, your strengths and limitations and your desired outcomes.

As I am well experienced with a plethora of different psychotherapeutic modalities, we can work together with the modality that resonates most with your own inner values and journey of healing and growth.

I invite you to let me know more about you and the concerns for which you seek newer pathways.  You will receive a link as an intake form through my encrypted email so I can begin to know you.

We will craft a comprehensive and integrated therapy plan that is the best fit for you and your life situation. You may also have heard about some therapy paths and you can review on the best fit therapy link and share if one particular therapy appeals most to you.

Know that I am there for you on this therapy journey and will be the catalyst for you to move through and beyond where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Heading 2

Cruise Ship

The therapy journey varies in duration, scope and depth based on the objectives and goals we crystallize and articulate in our first session together. Sometimes it may feel like peeling off layers and at each junction, we can recalibrate as you attain the goals of each phase of the intervention plan.

Sometimes all that may be needed is a single intensive session that may enable you to move forward with greater clarity and deeper conviction. At other times, it will be valuable to gear up to run the marathon rather than a mere sprint.


Either way, you are the captain of your ship on this journey and I as your psychologist, will be the guide, navigator and anchor through the turbulent times.

We encourage you to be proactive in asking questions, voicing your thoughts and setting yourself up to reach your destination while still enjoying the journey.

Your first session will be important in this regard, but the proactive collaboration will continue through the entire therapy journey.

Together we will find the way or make one

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