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My First Session

It is always valuable to know what to expect and how to get the most out of the first session. Counselling, coaching and psychotherapy is a series of ongoing progressive sessions, but the first one sets the foundation for this journey. The first session will provide the psychologist an opportunity to know you and also provide you an insight into the journey. Here is a brief summary of the first session:

Cup of Tea

Welcome to the Therapy Journey

Welcome to the therapy journey

Explaining the scope and limits of confidentiality 

Informed Consent 

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Getting to know you, your concerns and your goals

  1. Get to know you, your personality, cultural values

  2. Your current concerns and potential goals

  3. Your expectations from therapy

  4. Your current life situation

  5. Your relevant history, struggles and victories

  6. Any current  risks and challenges


Creating the Roadmap

  1. Initiating the process - Guidance on next steps:

  2. Assessments

  3. Setting goals - Answering questions - Best fit therapy

  4. Something to think about/practice

  5. SMART goals

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  1. You will also receive a feed back survey as we follow best practice feedback integrated therapy principles for best results.

  2. You may also be invited to make note of your insights.

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