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My Persoanl Journey


Glad to meet you along the path of powerful insights.

Currently based out of Vancouver, BC, I feel truly fulfilled to be a psychologist and am grateful for the trust my clients place in me, to support them on their life journey. My personal journey traverses across 4 continents. I have lived, schooled or worked in New York, London, Egypt, Indonesia, Mumbai, ,Bangalore and Hong Kong.

During this time, I have worked with individuals, families and organizations and learnt that no matter what the culture or background and however big the challenge, there is always a way to move forward and regain our inner peace, purpose and passion for living.  Our past experiences, cultural beliefs and own personalities influence the way we view ourselves and our world, but it is possible to heal our emotional wounds and turn it into wisdom that will guide and empower us forward.



I had the desire to become a psychologist at the age of 12 when I was listening to a psychologist on the radio support individuals in distress and I was deeply moved by the power of psychology to make a difference in our lives. I quickly got reading - all the psychology and related self-development books I could find and tested them out on myself. I went from being a shy introverted girl to becoming a confident and balanced teenager who quickly became the go to person among my peers to overcome their fears, painful experiences and even better their relationships. I too overcame my own phobia of heights and darkness to being an avid trekker and engaging in adventurous sports like paragliding.

I decided to equip myself with every tool, strategy and therapy so I could empower everyone with this knowledge. But I also pursued and achieved my Masters’ degree in Law, my Masters’ Phil and Ph.D in psychology and a diploma in journalism.


I believe that if we are to make a meaningful difference in ourselves and our communities, the power to harness the mind as well as the tools of the legal system and the ability to use media to educate and empower was imperative.

I began my career as the youngest program coordinator of a pioneering psychology Centre within the Family Court. Here, I applied the art of true connections in couples who were on the brink of divorce to discover love once again between them or to part with peace, such that their children could still thrive without deep wounds. 

I wrote several articles and presented several research findings in international conferences. I also trained in various therapies such as EMDR, CBT, Yoga psychotherapy, Mindfulness based therapies amalgamating principles and best practices to expeditiously bring about sustained and significant shifts in people’s lives.

I was also invited to provide expertise on talk shows, print articles and shaping the mental health policy of many organizations.


I moved to supporting organizations by providing consultation, developing programs and was the Practice Director of a leading integrated people management solutions organization providing supervision, training to many psychologists. I also conceptualized and delivered several trainings to many Fortune 500 organizations across the globe. I also worked extensively with frontline teams, first responders and other high exposure groups in supporting them with their work and family life.

Across my career span of the past 20 years, I have worked with individuals of all ages, couples of all genders and orientations, families struggling through various life challenges.

In my association working with a neuropsychiatric hospital as the chief psychologist, I worked with individuals  with various mental health challenges and diagnoses ranging from masked depression, anxiety, phobias to dissociative and schizophrenia  with amazing results. During my doctoral research, I focused on PTSD and compared three leading interventions -EMDR, CBT and an Integrated system of psychotherapy which integrated ancient wisdom and modern psychotherapy techniques to   demonstrate breakthrough techniques and continued to extend this to other mental health challenges.

Girl Hiking in Mountains

After our two children were born, my husband and I looked around in the world for a city to settle in and chose Vancouver for its perfect balance of nature, values as well as the wonderful people here.

Besides being a psychologist, I love spending time adventuring with my husband and my two boys.

My motto is to live life to the fullest.  In spite of many traumatic events in my own life, I am delighted to have overcome every obstacle in a powerful manner. I always remember the journey, the lessons and am guided by my own sense of inner purpose.

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